A knowledge of other languages guarantees a higher salary and it also has a positive effect on a student's brain and cognitive capabilities. What perhaps cannot be used immediately might still be welcome later in life. SPES offers courses in more than 40 languages. Students who attend courses at the SPES Language Center receive a 5% discount for each semester, a discount of 20% for another member of the family, and a 20% discount for each additional language that they study.



GENERAL LANGUAGE COURSE – a course that teaches general vocabulary.

BUSINESS LANGUAGE COURSE – a course that teaches the language of a particular profession; the area depends on the needs of the student (economics, law, technology, construction, mechanical engineering, etc.).

INTENSIVE COURSE – organized for rapidly learning a general or business vocabulary. This course is suitable for students who already have previous knowledge of a language and have only a short time to refresh or perfect it.

CONVERSATION COURSE – this course is intended for students who know a language well and wish to perfect their communication skills in that language.

COURSES IN PREPARATION FOR INTERNATIONAL TESTS – this course is organized so that students will be optimally prepared to take an international examination by an accredited institution.

INDIVIDUAL INSTRUCTION – this instruction is adapted to the needs and requirements of the student.  This instruction is organized primarily for students who either for business or private reasons cannot attend the regular course or have special requirements in regard to the content of the instruction, such as for example, a presentation, business negotiations or an official trip.

COURSES FOR COMPANIES – courses can also be organized for companies in their offices. This instruction can be completely adapted to their requirements.