Quality translations have been our mission for the past 20 years, but we are unique because during a time of the global linking of business we have specialized in translating texts in the field of economics.

We entrust translations to outstanding, highly qualified translators whose language proficiency has been tested, and who have at least three years of experience and have mastered the professional terminology of the original text. If requested, translated texts can also be edited and proofread.

Because of the large number of translators at our disposal, we can deliver longer translations in a very short period of time.

In addition, we can also offer translations and verification of all types of documents by certified court translators in more than 40 languages.



TRANSLATION – transmitting information and meaning from the original language to the target language in written form according the rules of the target language and your instructions; translation of documents and materials from the various branches of economics.

CERTIFIED TRANSLATIONS – translations of personal documents; legal, technical and other documents that need legal verification and consistency with the original that will be confirmed by a court translator in the target language.

TRANSLATION OF AUDIO/VIDEO CLIPS – written translations of audio/video clips from the original to the target language.

EDITING (LANGUAGE REDACTION) –checking the original text and/or the translation, comparison of the original and target texts with regard to the consistency of terminology and linguistic rules and style; we recommend editing for texts intended for printing and public dissemination.

PROOFREADING – checking the correctness of a printed text before publication and the correction of typographical errors, punctuation, spelling and other errors after submitting an edited text in a format that is suitable for printing or public dissemination. We recommend proofreading after editing.



CONSECUTIVE INTERPRETATION – the oral transmission of information from the original language to the target language; interpretation at business meetings and negotiations,  interpretation at court and legal procedures, interpretation at press conferences, etc.

SIMULTANEOUS INTERPRETATION – the oral transmission of information from the original language to the target language; interpretation at conferences, symposia, exhibitions, press conferences, meetings, etc. with the use of technical systems for simultaneous interpretation.

TECHNICAL SUPPORT – conference systems and systems for simultaneous translation for conferences, meetings, etc.


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